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Web Invitations


In the bustling digital bazaar, make your brand's presence felt with our e-commerce services. Whether you're unveiling your dream online store or showcasing your product in the global marketplace, our services are designed to spotlight your brand.

With our product and model photography and engaging digital media creatives, we ensure your story resonates with your audience, making every click a memorable journey.


Digital Invitations


Remember the days when announcing the special date involved a physical trip down memory lane? From selecting the perfect invitation card to handwriting addresses, the entire process was a labor of love. Our grandparents, and even parents, have fond memories of distributing these cards - it was a precursor to the celebrations, a tangible herald of the joy to come.

But alongside the warmth and tradition came a share of headaches. Misprinted cards, lost invitations, unreachable relatives, and outdated details were the notorious hitches in this process

Why Digital Invitations ?

  • Personalization: You can include a page on 'Our Story', sharing your journey as a couple. From your first meet-cute to the unforgettable proposal, give your guests a glimpse into your unique love saga.

  • Prewedding Video: Showcase your prewedding video right on the invitation. It's an engaging way to create excitement for the big day.

  • RSVP: An integrated RSVP function allows your guests to confirm their attendance. This helps you manage guest lists more effectively and plan your arrangements accordingly.

  • Map Integration: Include a map to your venue, ensuring your guests find their way effortlessly.

  • Visitor's Guide: Hosting guests from out-of-town or overseas? Add a brief guide about local attractions and points of interest. This thoughtful addition can help them plan their stay and make the most of their visit.

  • Photo and Video Gallery: An interactive gallery showcasing pictures and videos from your various ceremonies and events keeps your invite dynamic and updated.

  • Real-Time Updates: Need to change the date for the Mehendi? With a web invitation, you can make real-time changes without causing any confusion or misinformation. It's as simple as a quick update.

  • Eco-Friendly: And of course, by going digital, you're making a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint. It's a small but significant step towards a greener planet.

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