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Our Mission

Fachelor's mission is to provide affordable and convenient living spaces for students, bachelors, and couples, creating a home away from home. Our vision is to revolutionize the real estate management industry by offering reliable and hassle-free accommodations with essential amenities.

Fachelor was founded with the purpose of solving the common problems faced by bachelors when seeking accommodation. We understand the challenges of dealing with toxic street food, miscellaneous indirect expenses, brokerages on rental spaces, and the lack of furnished apartments. Our purpose is to alleviate these concerns and provide a comfortable living experience for individuals who are away from home.

Our Purpose

Revolutionizing Bachelor Accommodations for a Better Living Experience

Fachelor was founded by a visionary individual who had experienced the frustrations and challenges of finding suitable accommodations firsthand. Faced with the constant need to shift rental spaces due to high brokerages and security deposits demanded by landlords, he realized the need for a solution that would simplify the process for bachelors. Moreover, the lack of healthy food options and miscellaneous expenses further added to the burden. Determined to make a difference, he curated the idea of Fachelor, a service that would address these issues and create a better environment for bachelors living away from home.

Homecooked Food and Hygiene

One of the key problems faced by bachelors is the prevalence of toxic street food, which often leads to health issues.Fachelor recognized this concern and made it a priority to provide residents with hygienic and homecooked meals.

Saving Time and Focusing on Careers

The hassle of finding a suitable place to stay can be a significant distraction for bachelors striving to build their careers.ick to edit the text.By handling the entire process of accommodation search and arrangement, Fachelor frees up valuable time for residents.

Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses

Moving to a new place often comes with a barrage of unexpected expenses. Brokerages and high security deposits can quickly deplete a bachelor's finances. Fachelor aims to alleviate this burden by providing fully furnished spaces

Safe PG Accommodations for Girls

Fachelor also addresses the concerns of parents who worry about the safety and well-being of their girl child living away from home. By meticulously selecting and curating paying guest (PG) accommodations, Fachelor ensures a safe environment for girls.

Alexa Young, CA

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Why Choose Fachelors?

Living Options for Bachelors

 Fachelors offers a range of living options tailored specifically for bachelors. This includes hostels, paying guest (PG) accommodations, and flats. Each option is designed to meet the unique preferences and requirements of our residents, providing a comfortable and secure environment.

Sense of Security

Fachelor provides a sense of security to worried parents. With Fachelor, bachelors can truly embrace their independence and feel at home even when they are away from home.tem and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

Focus on their Career

Bachelors can now devote their energy to their professional growth and personal aspirations, knowing that their housing needs are taken care of.

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